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  1. Laser Printers for Fast Printing Lasers use heat to melt toner and then fuse it to paper. This method of printing is fast, achieving speeds up to 60 prints per minute. The prints also come out dry, making it easy to handle them after printing. Lasers are the go-to option for enterprises that require fast printing.
  2. Laser therapy techniques vary based on the procedure. If a tumor is being treated, an endoscope (a thin, lighted, flexible tube) may be used to direct the laser and view tissues inside the body.
  3. Bright laser lines – has a visible range of 65 Ft. with an accuracy of 1/8 In. at a 33 Ft. distance; Receiver mode – for use with optional line laser receiver (LR 6 or LR 7) for a working range of up to Ft. and/or in bright lighting; Learn more.
  4. Questions for LASERS? Many may be answered using the resources on this page, especially the Member’s Guide to highfunsetzjahisanvidistsenesunfo.xyzinfo, you may email questions to AskLASERS. Alternatively, you may call us at (toll-free) or (local).
  5. Lazer synonyms, Lazer pronunciation, Lazer translation, English dictionary definition of Lazer. laser n. 1. a. Any of several devices that emit highly amplified and coherent radiation of one or more discrete wavelengths. One of the most common lasers Lazer - definition of Lazer by The Free Dictionary.
  6. G. M. Seropyan's 10 research works with 9 citations and reads, including: Structural Transformations of a Carbon Nanomaterial under High-Energy Laser Irradiation.
  7. LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a popular surgery to correct vision in people who are nearsighted or farsighted, or who have astigmatism. Learn more about the LASIK eye.
  8. Wicked Lasers creates the world's most powerful and advanced handheld lasers. It's home to the Arctic, Evo, Nano lasers and Core laser pointer.
  9. Tray 1: 60 to g/m² (up to g/m² with postcards and HP Color laser glossy photo papers); Tray 2: 60 to g/m² (up to g/m² with postcards, up to g/m² HP Color laser glossy photo papers): optional Tray 3: 60 to g/m² (up to g/m² with postcards, up to g/m² Glossy media); Automatic duplexer: 60 to g/m².

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