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  1. Garage rock (sometimes called ' 60s punk or garage punk) is a raw and energetic style of rock and roll that flourished in the mids, most notably in the United States and Canada, and has experienced a series of subsequent revivals. The style is characterized by basic chord structures played on electric guitars and other instruments, sometimes distorted through a fuzzbox, as well as often.
  2. After hearing his wife's sister brag about her rich life, Pahom says that he would not be frightened of the Devil if he had enough land. The Devil overhears Pahom. The Devil then makes a plan to have Pahom get carried away with greediness and ambition by helping him gain land.
  3. But as far as signifying the age, the tune that made Kenner famous, and the world a better place, was “Land of a Thousand Dances.” He had written and recorded it in , then promised.
  4. LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES and Music by CHRIS Arranged by PAUL MURTHA Cym. Dome 13 Cym. Dome 21 31 Land of a Thousand Dances BASS DRUM EMI LONGITUDE MUSTC 0 LONGITUDE MUSIC All Rights Resened Copynght Secured by Recorded by WILSON PICKETT LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES KENNER by MURTHA 13 21 31 Land of a Thousand .
  5. Chris Kenner's original did mention the title in the intro, but only his version includes that intro. Barry from Sauquoit, Ny On February 27th , Cannibal & the Headhunters performed "Land of 1, Dances" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'.
  6. Land Of Dances Chris Kenner. Related Chris Kenner Links Chris Kenner wiki Land Of Dances video. CHRIS KENNER Land Of Dances Lyrics. Children, go where I send you (Where will you send me?) I'm gonna send you to that land The land of a thousand .
  7. "Land of a Thousand Dances" (or "Land of Dances") is a song written and first recorded by Chris Kenner in The song is famous for its "na na na na na" hook, which Cannibal & the Headhunters added in their version, which reached number 30 on the Billboard chart. Thee Midniters, an American group out of East Los Angeles, was one of the first Chicano rock bands to cover "Land of a.
  8. Pahom buys land from the lady who formerly issued heavy fines. He feels proud and satisfied about the land he owns at first. Then he is annoyed with his neighbors for trespassing on his land, and he takes Simon to court for cutting down his trees. Pahom loses the case. Later, Pahom moves to Samara to use communal land, which seems more promising.

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