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  1. Tabula Rasa is a nine-part Flemish-language TV series created by Veerle Baetens and Malin-Sarah Gozin and starring Veerle Baetens, Stijn Van Opstal and Jeroen Perceval. The plot revolves around Mie, a young woman with amnesia who is locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital. It was released on October 29, on Eén.
  2. Tabula is an ETF provider focused on fixed income for European institutional investors. Our ETFs will give you greater control over risk and reward. The company believes that although fundamentals and market dynamics are positive for fixed income, the persistent innovation that ignited the equity ETF market has been lacking in this sector.
  3. Sextus fuit praenomen virile Romanum, litteris Sex. notatum, quod ab initio sine dubio filium sextum natum significabat (confer Quintum et Decimum).Postea autem hanc significationem amisit, et in tempore historiae mandato ordinem nascendi non indicabat. Apud Romanos Sextus etiam nomen et cognomen fuit.. Qui hoc praenomen habuerint. Sextus Pompeius.
  4. Tigidius Perennis, Sextus. Quick Reference. Praetorian prefect (see praefectus praetorio) under Commodus. Perennis was already holding high office in ad , being named on the tabula Banasitana (The Athenian Empire , ).
  5. Mar 09,  · Author of the article claims that Roman poet from times of Augustus - Sextus Propertius (50 BC - 15 BC) - described Slavic people. There is one later source the so-called Tabula-Peutingeriana who provides additional information: la Tabula Peutingeriana (SS. IV d.C.) sitúa a unos Venedi Sarmatae al norte de Dacia, pero.
  6. A votive-tablet (on which a shipwreck was painted): “ me tabula sacer Votiva paries indicat, etc., ” Hor. C. 1, 5, “ largire inopi, ne pictus oberret Caeruleā in tabulā, ” Pers. 6, 32 (cf.: “ mersā rate naufragus assem Dum rogat et pictā se tempestate tuetur, ” Juv. 14, ).
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  8. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (died BC) was the legendary seventh and final king of Rome, reigning from BC until the popular uprising in BC that led to the establishment of the Roman highfunsetzjahisanvidistsenesunfo.xyzinfo is commonly known as Tarquin the Proud, from his cognomen Superbus (Latin for "proud, arrogant, lofty").. Ancient accounts of the regal period mingle history and legend.

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