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  1. vivace. quick and lively ~ bpm Allegrissimo — very fast (though slower than presto) Allegro — fast and bright or "march tempo" Allegro molto — much, very (such as Molto allegro) non tanto — not so much; non troppo — not too much.
  2. Tempo is the rate of speed at which music is played. Name all 11 tempos. Largo, Larghetto, Lento, Adagio, Andante, Adantino, Moderato, Allegretto, Allegro, Vivace, Presto. Name the 4 slow tempos. Largo - Very Slow. Larghetto - A little faster than Largo. Lento - Slow. Adagio - Slow: A little Slower than Adante. Name the three medium tempos.
  3. ORFEO 40th Anniversary Edition - Legendary Conductors. Orfeo: C Buy 10 CDs or download online. Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks (orchestra, Lisa della Casa, Hilde Rössel-Majdan, Waldemar Kmentt, Otto Edelmann, Wiener Singverein Bayerisches Staatsorchester, Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm, .
  4. There are two speeds that are wedged between allegro and presto, namely vivace and vivacissimo, meaning "lively and fast" and "very fast and lively," respectively. They are not as commonly used as allegro and presto but are understood to mean "a faster allegro.".
  5. Jun 21,  · Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso (D minor) Scherzo: Molto vivace – Presto (D minor) Adagio molto e cantabile – Andante moderato – Tempo primo – Andante moderato – Adagio – Lo stesso tempo (B-flat major).
  6. Finale - Allegro molto vivace official lyrics by Robert Schumann String Quartet op. 41 no. 3 in A major: IV. Finale - Allegro molto vivace lyrics by Robert Schumann.
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  8. Allegro molto quasi presto (op. 4/) Mélodie. Allegro molto vivace (op. 4/) Mélodie. 2; Wandrers Nachtlied2. Klavierstück. Allegro Molto; Klavierstück. Allegro Molto Vivace; Unter des Laubdachs hut. Allegro; Einleitung zu lebenden Bildern (op. ) Il Saltarello Romano. Tarantella. Allegro molto (op. ) Nach Süden. Allegro.

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