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  1. In logic, negation, also called the logical complement, is an operation that takes a proposition to another proposition "not ", written ¬, which is interpreted intuitively as being true when is false, and false when is true. Negation is thus a unary (single-argument) logical highfunsetzjahisanvidistsenesunfo.xyzinfo may be applied as an operation on notions, propositions, truth values, or semantic values more generally.
  2. Other articles where Negation is discussed: history of logic: Categorical forms: a copula, (4) perhaps a negation (“not”), (5) a predicate. Propositions analyzable in this way were later called categorical propositions and fall into one or another of the following forms.
  3. 24 synonyms of negation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for negation. Negation: a refusal to confirm the truth of a statement. Synonyms: contradiction, denegation, denial Antonyms: .
  4. Jan 24,  · My Negation Lyrics It's all this reeking ego craves, the sun to never set Why do threads of anger never linger? Why does the ember turn to stone?
  5. the act of saying that a sentence or part of a sentence is not true, or an instance of this: Negative declaratives are clauses in which sentential negation is expressed by "not".
  6. Negationist definition, the act of denying: He shook his head in negation of the charge. See more.
  7. May 08,  · You get the negation of a proposition if you insert "not" (or some equivalent expression) into it in such a way as to form a contradictory of it. (logic) The logical operation which obtains such (negated) propositions.
  8. Jul 07,  · 1. singular noun The negation of something is its complete opposite or something which destroys it or makes it lose its effect.
  9. Antonyms for negation include acknowledgement, acknowledgment, admission, avowal, confirmation, allowance, approval, OK, permission and ratification. Find more.

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